Friesians for sale, import, domestic, Friesian education, translations, training, lessons, boarding, workshops, getaways, Friesian DVDS, keuring tack, photo shoots, performances. Purebred Dutch KFPS Friesians are our passion in Texas.

Anneke's Friesians
Of course, a Friesian! We share our 15-KFPS-Friesian herd & 3+ decades of experience with you. Click for intel.                   
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Happy Spring, Happy Easter! Pics: KFPS Star Stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger with Anneke in full Tropical Rider outfit. The Easter bunny delivered 2 gorgeous stud colts!


Thanks for listening to Anneke translate Dutch-English live & simul at the KFPS Stallion Show & online by Omrop Fryslan for resp. the 7th & 2nd year, Leeuwarden NL 2014.

Ride a Friesian at our farm.

Join us.

We take our Friesians to Liefie Li Vine restaurant in historic Winnsboro TX.

South African cuisine, Texas wine, gifts. Our favorite place to eat with an apple for the horses!


Welcome to Anneke's Friesians.   Welcome to Texas.


It's a boy! Meet Tymon van den IJssel & learn about breeding/foaling/raising-training. His 2014 weanling brother is for sale! *** Next Friesian Workshop @ the farm 4/26, noon - 5 p.m.  *** Pitch Fork Hall of Fame. ***  Friesian Lessons & Getaways. ***  Our Friesians pick up road-side trash. Help keep America beautiful.

Keuring Tack & Friesian DVDs.


Unique Friesian Outings in N.E. Texas.

Friesian Sale Barn.

April = Training month. ** Enjoying our new stud colt. ** Annual dentals. ** Spring Workshop at our farm on 4/26. ** Breeding season starts. ** Pics: March Sulphur Springs TX UPRA rodeo, Anneke on Meine and Rudy in KFPS outfit.


Special Gelding Feature located at Anneke's Friesians.

His dressage tack can be part of the sale.  

 Click for details on the Herd/Sale Barn page..


Special Weanling 2014 Stud Colt Feature:

the brother to our Tymon, born 4/1/14, sired by our Star Teade x Rypke stallion out of a Feike x Bendert mare; handsome! Located out west. E-mail for details or click.

Special Adult Stallion Feature: our STAR stallion's 2010 full brother is for sale! Located in CA. Asking $15K. Short-term payments possible.

E-mail, or click.  


Special Young-Stallion Feature: 2012, 2 y.o. young stud sired by Lolke 371 Sport x double 1st premie ster/prov Crown champion Sape 381 mare, located west coast, asking $12K, short-term payments possible. E-mail or click.


We work, train & show in Tropical Rider equestrian apparel.

We are the KFPS Stallion-Show Simultranslators in Leeuwarden & online for Omrop Fryslan.

Friesian Love



33 years in the breed - 10th year in business.


Enlargeable pictures. Left: bridle photography with Anneke & Wieger, right top: Anneke riding bareback/bridleless with flag.


We are All KFPS Friesian All the Time  and Desire to Inspire. Oant sjen!

Home of KFPS Ster Stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.

Dedicated to the purebred KFPS Friesian since 1981.

Photos. Left: Anneke riding our mare Margriet, right: guest riders enjoying our Friesians, 2010. Come ride our Friesians.


Major Credit Cards accepted through PayPal for most purchases. Some restrictions apply.




Fit, Style, Comfort, and Durability for The freedom to move.

SAnneke with her stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.

Superior Equine Grooming Products ... Since 1938!

Browse the DVD, Gift & Tack Shop.

Want to exchange a link, advertise, put your banner in our arena or have us include your info in our visitor packages?

Affordable, often even FREE. Some restrictions apply.
E-mail/click for inquiries.

Truck plates for our Dodge truck from:

Sulphur Springs Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

Favorite dealership where we bought and service our truck.

Equine art, Apparel and Gifts of the Romantic Breeds by Dianne Diakowicz., artist in Gold & Silver. Lifelike portrayal of the Friesian horse in precious metals and gemstones. 1-800-774-SHER.

El Sueno Espanol: top quality keuring and baroque tack.

Special discount for members of Anneke's Friesians!

What Friesian is the right one? When shopping for a Friesian--especially when unfamiliar with the breed--build up reference material by sample riding several of ours. For more info visit the Lesson & Visit pageor e-mail us.

Nationwide roadside & trailering assistance, 1-800-844-1409,

Free barn cats & kittens

from Sulphur Springs TX Animal Control. Free adoption. Donations so much appreciated.

Call (903) 438-9369.

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Mission Statement
We have been dedicated to the purebred Dutch KFPS / FHANA Friesian horse since 1981 with promotion, breed education, training, showing, sharing our KFPS Friesians with others, and making our Friesian dream come full circle by helping others with our Friesian services. We live for the fun stuff in training, owning & sharing, selling, promoting & showing our Friesians.
Over the years we have built up a valuable network, an extensive resume, we are multi-lingual, well traveled, informed about the Friesian worldwide, and have a large library of both practical and multimedia knowledge. Our personal touch, experience, commitment to privacy and confidentiality, and hands-on sharing sets us apart and attracts those we can help.
Our approach is simple, focused on peaceful country enjoyment, centered around living the dream of 'My Little Pony' on our real-live Friesian farm, and the Bible. 
If we can share with you our life-long passion for this magnificent breed--owners, non-owners, future owners, regardless of registry, (non)memberships, experience or discipline--connect with us through the Contact Page ( or
Disclaimer applies.
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We welcome your Friesian-horse questions and inquiries.  Fragen auf Deutsch willkommen, Preguntas en Espanol bienvenidos, Questions en francais bienvenues. Vragen in het Nederlands en Fries welkom. For all contact information please visit the Contact page (click here). Return to top of the page.


Where We Are

We are located in Como, northeast Texas, between Dallas and Texarkana, conveniently close to I30, south of bustling I30 exit Sulphur Springs, a few miles from world famous Lake Fork, and next to historic Bonnie & Clyde's Winnsboro. For all contact information please visit the Contact page (click here). Return to top of the page.


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We do our utmost to provide you with accurate information. All information is subject to change without notice.
We provide great practical horse information, however, for specialized fields such as veterinary care, nutrition, etc. we always recommend (also) contacting a licensed professional.
We support and promote the KFPS/FHANA Friesian according to the organizations' rules and regulations.
Sales and training of B-book, other-registry or crossbred Friesians may occur occasionally, ad hoc, and usually behind the scenes, with full disclosure if such a match is an option.
We encourage everyone as always to research this breed like you would anything else and make up your own mind, deciding what is right for you.
Be sure to share any questions you have so we can provide all information you need.
We do not accept responsibility for misprints. Misprints and no longer up-to-date information will be corrected a.s.a.p. upon becoming aware of the item.
Anneke van den IJssel and Anneke's Friesians do not accept liability/responsibility for outside/third party sales transactions and all sales are final.
Under Texas law (Chapter 87, civil practice and remedies code), an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., Ch. 549, Par. 1, effective September 1, 1995.
Liability forms need to be signed for all equine events and activities.
Guard dog and protection on site at all times.
Appointments required for visits to properly assist.
Minors need to be accompanied and supervised by adults.
It is the visitors' responsibility to alert to any (food) allergies and disclose any items of hindrance regarding horse enjoyment & farm visits.
Appropriate riding gear (including but not limited to: long pants, boots without heels, we have helmets if you need one) is mandatory. Lessons start on the lunge line. With appropriate skill level shown the riders then can ride on their own and in various settings. Please note: a kind/trained horse never takes away the responsibility of the rider to learn/know how to ride properly.
No outside dogs (or other animals) are allowed on the property without prior approval.
Be aware of allergens; hay, hair, critters, the usual rural stuff.
We do our utmost to answer everyone, however, at times messages may not come through and there can be a delay due to large volumes and other obligations.
E-mail addresses are added to our private, confidential contact list for Friesian information, however, if you ask to be removed from the mailing list, you promptly are. When you accept a Tropical Rider coupon either in person or per your request by e-mail/through our website your information will be shared with Tropical Rider. We will remove your information by request. It is up to you to remove from Tropical Rider.
This site is the creation of webmistress Anneke van den IJssel and inherently is a work in progress. E-mail us at or with feedback.
Copyright 2005-2014 Anneke's Friesians. All rights reserved. Usage/copying without express written request and permission is prohibited.
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(Photo header: the gates at Anneke's Friesians, photo by Marjorie Walle, summer 2013.)


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